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Mobile App FAQs

Q1. Why won’t it let me login to forms or create a mobile app account?
A1. Most errors occur due to a mismatch with the patient name – first and/or last, or a typo in date of birth or phone number. The typo could be in our system or in what you submitted.

  • No hyphens or apostrophes, use a space instead (Smith Jones instead of Smith-Jones, O Neill or ONeill instead of O’Neill).
  • Don’t include prefixes (Mr. or Dr.) or suffixes (Jr, Sr, etc)
  • Must use name that matches insurance card/legal first name, no nicknames (use James instead of Jim, Elizabeth instead of Beth).
  • Must use the mobile phone number (the one the text was sent to) and date of birth that matches our system
  • If you are unable to connect to forms or create a mobile app account, please call (402) 552-2020 and ask to verify the name/spelling, DOB, and mobile phone number in our system so that corrections can be made if needed.

Q2. Why can’t I add any family members to my app?
A2. At this time, a mobile number may only be linked to a single account. Stay tuned for future releases.

Q3. Is there an alternative to using the app?
A3. You can use our existing patient portal to view many of the same things or go to the web version here, which functions like the mobile app. You will still need a mobile number for SMS (text) verification.

Q4. If I have a smart device (iPad, Fire tablet), but don’t have a smartphone – can I still use the app?
A4. Yes. Please remember that at this time, it does require a mobile number to receive a code via SMS (text) message but that doesn’t have to be a smartphone. We hope to have other authentication methods in the future

Q5. Is there a way to authenticate my account other than SMS (text) verification?
A5. Not at this time, but alternative methods such as email or phone call are in development.

Q6. I tried to complete the forms but nothing happens when I hit submit.
A6. Usually, this is due to missing a required field (like the insurance question or upload) or answering yes to a required question but not completing any follow-up information requested.

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