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Retinal Conditions and Surgery

The retina is essentially an extension of the brain within the eye, and arguably plays the most important role in determining the type of vision you have. The retina lines the inside wall on the back of the eye, and images pass through the front of your eye and are interpreted by the retina. The retina converts these images into signals that are sent to your brain.

The layers of the retina are exceptionally thin, and are often compared to the delicate nature of cellophane paper. Thousands of blood vessels and nerves are inside the retina, and unfortunately, the blood vessels and nerves are susceptible to damage from common conditions such as diabetes and age-related macular degeneration. Because of the delicate nature of the retina and its vital importance in good vision, it’s imperative that patients have access to retinal specialists when they have serious retinal conditions.

Midwest Eye Care offers three retinal subspecialists to its patients. Click on the picture or name for detailed information on each doctor.

Bliss OBryhim MD PHD

Bliss E. O’Bryhim, MD, PhD

David Ingvoldstad MD Omaha

David Ingvoldstad, MD, MBA

Mark Emig MD Omaha

Mark Emig, MD

Matthew Appenzeller MD Omaha

Matthew Appenzeller, MD

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Please click below to learn more about common retinal diseases and conditions.

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