Eyelid and cosmetic services

The eyelids play a vital role in the health of the eye, and include delicate skin, small muscles, small pores and countless nerves.  With so many intricate parts, eyelids are also prone to problems. The eyelids can play host to dozens of different conditions and growths – some serious, some minor and some that are merely cosmetic nuisances.

Because of all the complexities of eyelids and eyelid surgery, Drs. Rachel Mercer and Jill Grennan are Midwest Eye Care doctors who specialize in eyelid surgery.  In addition to repairing droopy eyelids that may restrict vision or cause chronic dry eyes (functional), they also perform cosmetic lid surgery and Botox injections for patients who are concerned that they eyelids no longer reflect their vibrant personality.  They also perform minor lid surgery for the bumps and lesions that often accompany the aging process.

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Rachel Mercer, MD                Jill Grennan, MD