For most patients, good vision depends primarily on being fit with a good pair of eyeglasses.  You need a good prescription, glasses that look good on you, and glasses that are comfortable.  Our opticians take pride in their work, and do what’s necessary to keep you a loyal, long-term patient of our practice.

Midwest Eye Care opened our eyeglass department in 1990 because we were concerned that patients weren’t getting the quality eyeglasses and services they deserved.  That doesn’t mean that we provide perfect eyeglasses every time, but it does mean that if you purchase eyeglasses at Midwest Eye Care, we can control the entire process and fix any problems that arise.

Determining an eyeglass prescription is more art than science.  Using sets of lenses inside a piece of equipment called a phoropter (“four-op-ter”), the technician or doctor will show you a series of lenses and ask questions like, “Is 1 better than 2, 2 better than 3,” until we’ve found the lens that matches your visual needs.  This testing process is called a refraction, and unfortunately it’s not a perfect process.  Your vision that day might not be representative of your normal vision, your eyes may have gotten so dry that you didn’t see well for a few of the lenses, or maybe the technician misunderstood one of your answers.   However, whatever the issue, we can figure it out and make things right.

All of our eyeglass locations offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If your pair of glasses aren’t working the way you expected, you can return them for a full refund within 90 days of purchase.  If we are billing a vision insurance plan for your eyeglasses, certain restrictions may apply.  Please see a Spectacles optician for further details.  In addition, we offer free adjustments for the lifetime of the glasses, and we’ll replace lost or worn-out nose pads at no charge.

For more information on Spectacles, our eyeglass department, please click here.