Eye Diseases/Conditions

One of the foundations of the recent movement towards health care ‘wellness’ programs is that well-informed patients will make better treatment and lifestyle decisions that will lead to improved health. The Midwest Eye CareTM doctors also believe that patients who are well educated in eye disease and disease prevention will have a better chance of maintaining good vision. Consequently, we have created an on-line resource of eye care topics for your review. By clicking on the tabs on the left side of this page, you can explore the subtopics of each major eye care area.

If you don’t see a major topic listed, please use the Search function at the top of the page.  The Search function will provide a listing of areas within our website that meet your search requirements.

In addition to our website, the Internet offers many excellent resources for eye and general medical information. We encourage our patients to contact us if they find information that generates new questions about their care.

If you have any suggestions for additional resources to be added to our education page, please e-mail us at answers@midwesteyecare.com.


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