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Selecting a Surgeon

You should see a board certified ophthalmologist, and preferably one who is a corneal specialist. LASIK surgeons who also provide advanced corneal care (e.g., for corneal ulcers and corneal transplants) may have a better understanding of which patients are good LASIK candidates. Don’t be swayed by the credentials of doctors who claim to be the only board-certified surgeons for LASIK; the majority of ophthalmologists are board certified by the accredited American Board of Ophthalmology. There is no nationally-recognized board certification just for LASIK.

Before you make a decision, we recommend you (1) receive no-cost screening evaluations from at least two surgeons, (2) give yourself at least two weeks after the exams to consider the pros and cons, and (3) make sure the surgeon addresses all of your questions before surgery. You should insist on being examined by the surgeon before you commit to surgery, since the surgeon is the most qualified person to assess your candidacy. Chances are you’re a ‘good’ candidate, but not a ‘perfect’ one, so be wary of doctors who seem to stress quantity over quality. Finally, the price range for LASIK in Omaha only varies by about $400 per eye, so don’t make this important decision based primarily on price.

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