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Refractive Surgery Costs

Thank you for choosing Midwest Eye Care for your vision correction surgery needs. Please take the time to read the information below to help you better understand the options that are available. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

You now have a choice of different intraocular lens implants after cataract surgery including a traditional lens, Symfony or PanOptix multifocal lenses, or an astigmatic/toric lens. Your doctor can explain the options that would best fit your needs. With a traditional lens implant, you will need reading glasses and possibly a prescription for glasses after your surgery, but with the multifocal and astigmatic lenses, you may be able to use reading glasses sparingly after surgery.

In addition to the normal costs for cataract surgery, there is an additional cost the ‘premium’ multifocal and astigmatic lenses. The The additional costs are $1,995 per eye for the Symfony multifocal lens, $2,095 per eye for PanOptix multifocal lens, and $1,495 per eye for a astigmatic lens. All lens options include ninety days of postoperative exams at no additional charge. If additional surgeries or procedures are needed after the initial cataract surgery, those surgeries will require an additional charge to the patient. If the additional surgeries are related to fine tuning the visual results of the surgery, your insurance carrier will most likely not pay for the surgeries.

Your surgeon can fully explain why additional surgeries might be necessary. Before you commit to cataract surgery with an accommodative lens implant, we want to make you aware of the costs for any additional surgery:

IntraLase LASIK $2,495 per eye
PRK $2,095 per eye
Clear Lens Extraction $3,600 per eye
Astigmatism Reduction (Elective AK) $ 300 per eye
Astigmatism Reduction (Non-Elec AK) $ 601 per eye
Lens implant exchange $4,035 per eye

If a procedure is not fully covered by your insurance, payment in full will be expected prior to the procedure. Personal checks, VISA, MasterCard, money orders, and cashier’s checks are acceptable. We also offer one year interest free financing through CareCredit. Applications are available at our offices. If you have any questions about financing options, please contact our financial counselor at (402)557-6445 or (402) 552-2817.

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