Eyeglass care recommendations

We recommend that patients wash their eyeglass lenses daily or weekly with mild soap or water to remove dirt and oil deposits.  Spectacles also sells bottles of cleaning solution specifically designed for lenses with anti-reflective coating, but mild hand soap and water works equally well.  After cleaning, remove moisture with a soft cloth or tissue.

Abrasive household cleaners that contain ammonia or bleach should not be used to clean eyeglass lenses.  These cleaners may remove or damage special coatings on your lenses.  Many lenses include ultraviolet, anti-reflective and scratch coatings, although the coating may not be visible.

It is not unusual for eyeglass screws to become loose, particularly when glasses are opened and closed frequently.  This screws can easily be tightened by the patient, but avoid tightening the screws so firmly that the screw hole is stripped or the eyeglasses are damaged.

The temples (the pieces resting on your ears) will become loose and bent due to normal wearing habits.  Nose pads are also likely to become less comfortable with wear.  While minor adjustments may be made at home, we recommend that patients visit us every two to three months for a free adjustment and cleaning.