Financing options for surgical patients

Medicare, Medicaid and insurance companies generally cover the majority of costs related to traditional cataract surgery, although the patient’s financial responsibility may be significant if the patient’s coverage has a large deductible or a large co-pay.  The financial counselors at Midwest Eye Care will help confirm a patient’s financial obligation before the patient fully commits to the surgery.

In nearly all surgical cases, a patient will receive three bills: one for the surgeon, one for the anesthetist, and one for the facility fee.  For surgeries performed at Midwest Eye Surgery Center, our billing personnel can answer all of your questions about these three bills.  If the surgery is performed by one of our surgeons at a local hospital, our billing personnel will try to explain the hospital and anesthetist charges as well as we can, but may need to refer you to the hospital or anesthetist’s office for more information.

For those patients with a large financial responsibility, particularly if they select a new technology lens for cataract surgery, Midwest Eye Care has arranged for two different types of financing plans:

Because cataract surgery is typically an elective procedure, pre-payment of any deductible amount, as well the cost of the upgrade to a premium IOL, is required seven days before the scheduled procedure date. Midwest Eye Care accepts cash, check and Visa or MasterCard.  In addition, we offer ‘six or twelve-months-same-as-cash’ and longer-term interest bearing financing through   CareCredit  long-term rates vary by credit history, but generally are 14.90%.  You can apply on-line with CareCredit or the surgery counselor will assist you.