iStent procedure for mild to moderate glaucoma

Drs. Martin Mizener and Michael Feilmeier of Midwest Eye Care now offer the iStent procedure for patients with mild to moderate glaucoma.  This FDA-approved procedure has been approved by most major insurance companies, including Medicare, when performed in conjunction with cataract surgery.  During surgery, a tiny device – the world’s smallest medical implant known to be implanted in the human body – is implanted to reduce a patient’s intraocular pressure (IOP).  High IOP is one symptom from glaucoma that may lead to permanent vision loss.  During clinical trials, over 50% of patients who underwent the iStent procedure no longer needed medications to control their IOP after surgery.

The iStent procedure is currently only covered by insurance plans for patients who also need cataract surgery.  However, the results are so dramatic that we expect insurers to begin paying for a stand-alone iStent procedure.  If you’re interested in the iStent procedure for mild to moderate glaucoma, please contact our office or ask your eye doctor about whether you may be a candidate for the iStent.