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Congratulations to the winners of our Eyes On Heroes contest! Each one recently had vision correction surgery at Midwest Eye Care. See what they have to say about their experience. Visit our Facebook page for more from the winners.

Brandon Allen

Brandon Allen

First Responder

“PRK surgery has given me so much more freedom without the hassle of glasses and contacts. The surgery was quick and the staff at Midwest Eye Care were fantastic to work with. Thank you Midwest Eye Care for this life changing opportunity.”

Cass Birdsall

Cass Birdsall-Scherer


“My experience with Midwest Eye Care has been spectacular. I was nervous the day of my surgery and Dr. Ripa did an amazing job of helping to ease my nerves. The LASIK surgery was so fast and Dr. Ripa talked me through the entire procedure. I am so glad I was able to receive this amazing gift, because the results have been life changing. When I woke up the morning after surgery, I could see everything. At that point I realized that I was finally glasses free for the first time since kindergarten. I am so thankful for everyone at Midwest Eye Care who made this possible. This was a gift I did not know I could ask for.”

Nancy Cavada 2

Nancy Cavada

Health Care Worker

“I am so incredibly grateful that Dr. Himebaugh and his team gave me this once in a lifetime opportunity. Having 20/20 vision is awesome, but this gift has impacted more than just vision. It has positively impacted many areas in my life, especially my work as a healthcare worker. I don’t think many people would have predicted that the trifold of a pandemic, masking, and eye-glasses would be a disadvantage for those who have to work in healthcare, but I am so thankful to say that this is no longer an obstacle for me. Thank you Midwest Eye Care!”

Ashley DeBolt

Ashley Debolt


“Having LASIK is life changing! The painless procedure was completed in under ten minutes and I could see 20/20 immediately. The staff at Midwest Eye Care are knowledgeable, professional, caring, and friendly. They put my anxiety about the procedure at ease and followed-up the same day. Now I am able to teach and live life without the hassle of glasses or contacts. Thank you Midwest Eye Care for the gift of perfect vision!”

Sarah Melland

Sarah Melland

Health Care Worker

“Thank you, Midwest Eye Care, for holding the “Eyes on Heroes” contest. Being a winner of vision correction surgery (PRK) has completely changed my life! No more fogged glasses and glasses falling off my face. It is so nice being able to wake up and SEE!

The process of vision correction surgery was EASY! I went for a consultation; Dr. Feilmeier thoroughly explained my options and I scheduled my procedure. The procedure itself only took 3 country music songs and I was done! Recovery took about 2 days and I have been glasses-free since.

Also- thank you to Karen for the nomination and thank you to my loyal voters!”

Full contest rules can be found at

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