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Spectacles Guarantee

Our Spectacles Guarantee promises you options if you decide you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Spectacles offers a 100% no hassle refund if you decide you are not complete satisfied with your eyeglasses within 90 days of your purchase date.

Certain restrictions and exclusions apply. See information below, or a Spectacles optician for further details.

Twelve-month no cost frame and lenses warranty

For twelve months from the date you purchase your eyeglasses, we provide a warranty at no cost to cover the replacement of a frame that is broken. We are so confident in the quality of our frames that we will replace your broken frame with a frame of the same style as many times as necessary during the twelve-month period. If your original frame is no longer available due to being discontinued by the manufacturer, we will even restyle you one time at no charge into a different frame of the same cost in the same lens type.

If you have purchased scratch resistant coating for your lenses, we will guarantee your lenses against scratches within twelve months of your original purchase. If your lenses develop scratches due to normal wear and tear, each lens may be replaced one time at no charge within twelve months of your purchase.

If you have purchased anti-reflective coating for your lenses, the scratch warranty is extended to two years. If your lenses develop scratches or your coating breaks down due to normal wear and tear, each lens may be replaced one time at no charge within two years of your purchase.

Adjusting to a new prescription or lens type

A change in the power of an eyeglass prescription may require a period of adjustment before they can be worn comfortably. A stronger prescription may cause your eyes to feel tired or a bit disoriented after a few hours. We recommend that patients gradually increase their daily wearing time for glasses with large prescription changes until they can comfortably wear the eyeglasses all day. If the eyeglasses are still difficult to use after one week of consistent wearing, patients are asked to return to SpectaclesTM to re-verify the specifications of the lenses. Patients will then be directed to our front desk to schedule a no-cost recheck appointment with the doctor to refine the prescription.

Over the past decade we have helped thousands of patients move from lined bifocals and trifocals to Varilux™ progressive lenses. While most of our patients enjoy the improved functionality of Varilux™ lenses, a small number of patients will not be able to adjust to this technology. If a patient cannot make the adjustment, we will replace the Varilux™ lenses with traditional bifocal or trifocal lenses. We will refund the price difference between Varilux™ lenses and the replacement lenses.

Free lifetime adjustments and cleaning

Eyeglass components become loose, bent and generally dirty under normal wearing conditions. Consequently, if you purchase your glasses from our Spectacles department, we offer free adjustments and ultrasonic cleaning for the lifetime of your glasses. We will also replace nose pads at no charge, since they often become soiled or uncomfortable after a year or more of wear.

Exclusions and Restrictions

Our product warranty does not cover; damage outside of normal wear and tear, including but not limited to; damage caused by vehicle or pets, loss, theft, unusual scratching or chipping of lenses or frames. All broken pieces must be returned to take advantage of the warranty. There is no scratch warranty offered on any uncoated standard plastic lens in a single vision, lined bifocal or lined trifocal design.

The no-cost recheck appointment must be scheduled with the original prescribing doctor within 90 days of the original exam date, or charges will be incurred for the visit.

Midwest Eye Care is not responsible for breakages during adjustments or repairs on all frames that are out of warranty, or were not originally purchased at Midwest Eye Care.

If we are billing a vision insurance plan for your eyeglasses, certain restrictions apply. If your plan offers a frame replacement benefit, we will bill any replacement frames due to breakage to your insurance when applicable. Non-Medicaid vision insurance plans may take advantage of our Satisfaction Guarantee Remake option. We will refund the difference between what you originally paid and what your insurance covers for the new product selected, but no further claims will be submitted to your insurance in addition to the original claim.

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