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Pediatric Conditions and Surgery

As parents know from their frequent trips to pediatricians, dentists and other doctors, providing medical exams and care to young children requires knowledge, patience and a knack for connecting with kids. Humor, toys and a routine worthy of Vaudeville may be necessary to coax children into cooperating with a doctor. Our seven optometrists routinely examine small children to assess vision and prescribe eyeglasses. During these comprehensive eye exams, your child will also be assessed for common vision disorders.

Our optometrists that specialize in pediatric exams are listed below. You may click on their pictures or names for detailed information on each doctor.


Matthew Willis, OD


Krystal Wells, OD


Abigail Jackson, OD


Scott Greder, OD


Teri Geist, OD


Mindy Dickinson, OD


Zachary Brown, OD

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