Dr. Teri Geist Discusses Healthy Eye Habits with Fox 42 News

Teri Geist, OD, recently discussed daily habits that could be making an individual’s eyes weaker.  Dr. Geist and patient Kristi Shotkoski were featured on the Fox 42 News discussing healthy daily habits and the importance of annual eye exams.

A comprehensive eye exam is a crucial part of maintaining an individual’s whole-body wellness.  A thorough dilated eye examination can provide useful information about a person’s whole body health.  Most importantly, the eye is the only organ in the body where a doctor can directly see blood vessels.  The health of these vessels may indicate the condition of blood vessels throughout the body, and thus is helpful in identifying heart disease and diabetes.

Besides yearly exams, doctors recommend patients use fresh contact solution daily and never put contacts in your mouth or water.  Using old makeup products can also lead to eye infections due to the bacteria that comes in contact with those products.  Finally, patients should wear proper sunglasses everyday, especially on sunny days and when snow in on the ground;ultra violet light can damage the eye.

Dr. Geist is a comprehensive optometrist who specializes in routine and problem-focused eye examinations, pediatric eye care, urgent eye care, and pre-and post-operative examinations.  Dr. Geist has been a part of the Midwest Eye Care team since 1997.

The Fox 42 News article and video can be found by clicking here.

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