Corneal crosslinking now offered at MEC

Midwest Eye Care began offering corneal crosslinking in December 2016 for patients between ages 14-40 with progressive keratoconus, defined as an increase in corneal steepening of more than one diopter in a year. The equipment and medication for corneal crosslinking was approved by the FDA in April 2016, and clinical studies have shown that the procedure can stop or slow the thinning or weakening of the cornea that occurs in patients with keratoconus. During an in-office treatment, topical medication is applied in combination with ultraviolet therapy.

While the treatment has been approved by the FDA, it is not covered by medical insurance. For many patients, the treatment may delay or prevent the need for corneal transplant surgery. Please contact Midwest Eye Care or visit for more information on corneal crosslinking.

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